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[extreme Sports - Black] Multipurpose Outdoor Backpack - Dayback - School Bag

[extreme Sports - Black] Multipurpose Outdoor Backpack - Dayback - School Bag
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This multi-purposes backpack is a functional bag as well as a useful daily carrying case.Containing a extra large main compartment with two side pockets, two front zipper pockets and a interior pocket with velcro closure, this bag gives it enough space to store all your items.It is a fashionable bag to keep your laptop, mobile phone, books and other necessities.Durable buckle closure & zipper closure help secure the items in the bag.Delivering secure storage space for all your gadgets.You can wear it along with you during outdoor activities, and enjoy security and organization.Hang out longer and go farther whether hiking, cycling or strolling with the multi-functional backpack.Measures approx.11.6 inches wide x 17 inches high x 6.5 inches deep.Easy to clean.A stylish choice for organizing your days belongings.Multiple pockets.Made of quality polyester.Perfect for school or a day hikeadjustable padded nonslip shoulder straps.

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