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Flashlights and Lanterns

Model: doba_27898676
This powerful 3-led headlight has a swivel feature that allows you to position the beam of light.An easy push-button activates the light, and a secure strap attaches either to the handles of your bike, or to your head, with our without a hat.This is a great light for riding your bike or walking at n..
Model: doba_27871105
These flashlights are lightweight and very economical.The reflector has a unique "diamond" pattern to maximize the intensity of the light.Bright attractive colors make this an eye catching display. 12 pieces - 4 different colors - red, yellow, blue and green the different colors wi..
Model: doba_33946037
This handy little camping lamp is perfect for table-top lighting, or you can hang it in your tent.Push-button operation offers two settings; either single-bulb, or all 4 bulbs operate with a large reflector at the top.Provides an amazing amount of light for such a small lamp."legs" on the ..
Model: doba_35742563
So much power is such a small package! this little 3.5" aluminum flashlight has 9 ultra bright led bulbs with a large (1") reflector to intensify the light.This flashlight is water resistant, shock resistant, and has a textured grip and a wrist strap to avoid dropping.This flashlight requires 3 "aa..
Model: IDXMOX4019414
Celestron Elements ThermoTorch 5 is your must-have outdoor tool. This rugged, 3-in-1 device features a true tactical 3-mode flashlight, a hand warmer, and a portable power bank for recharging your personal electronics on the go. Whether you use it to light the way while walking your dog or bring it ..
Model: dpt_PET-COAG50
Details : 355 lumens 620ft beam distance Twists into spot mode 1.5-hour run time on 3 AAA batteries Includes 3 AAA batteriesWarranty : 1 Year Warranty..
Model: doba_35344755
This is a high power 6 inch flashlight equipped with a cree bulb, and can be operated alone, or you can screw the signal wand into the top of the flashlight in order to direct traffic or do parking lot signaling.The wand is also 6 inches long, and this set comes complete with 3 "aaa" batteries. 6 in..
Model: dpt_PET-GSMC18MILFE
Details : Features Philips(R) 130/100W H4 halogen bulb Includes 2 adjustable swivel stands and 2 power levels Durable rubberized construction Rechargeable battery charges in 20 hours 20-min spotlight and 33-min dim-light burn times 18 million candlepower light output Includes two 6V sealed lead-acid..
Model: dpt_MNA-1006661
Details : The Cyclops Colossus 18 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight features a Philips(R) 130/100W H4 halogen bulb and includes 2 adjustable swivel stands and 2 power levels. The rechargeable battery charges in 20 hours and offers 20 minutes of spotlight burn time and 33 minutes of dim lig..
Model: IDXMOX1006660
The Cyclops Revo 1100 Lumen Handheld Spotlight features a 2 Hi-Power Luxeon LED with a detachable red lens. The Revo 1100 is powered by a 6V 2.5mAh battery and includes an AC/DC adapter charger so you don't have to worry about losing power. With an extended burn time 69 minutes, the user has comfor..
Model: dpt_PET-DCY412510
Details : 55 lumens 4 super-bright 5mm LED bulbs Waterproof and floatable Includes carabiner hanging clip Easy-to-grip yellow finish 100ft beam of light 20-hour run time ANSI FL-1 Standard Includes 3 AA batteriesWarranty : Lifetime Warranty..
Model: dpt_PET-DCY412511
Details : 55 lumens 101ft beam distance 4-LED carabiner light Waterproof housing Floating Assorted vibrant colors: blue, pink, purple and lime--no color choice ANSI FL-1 Standard Includes 3 AA batteriesWarranty : Lifetime Warranty..
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