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Camping Knifes and Tools

Model: IDXMOX4004737
The AccuSharp Diamond PRO 2-Step Knife Sharpener features pre-angled coarse diamond and fine ceramic rods to sharpen, restore, and then polish a blades edge. One of our newest award winning designs, the diamond rods are aggressive enough to sharpen all types of steel. The flip side consists of two c..
Model: IDXMOX4009901
While many repellents are easily diluted or rinsed off with swimming or perspiration,BugBand Insect Repelling Bandis waterproof and just keep working. Each BugBand Band is packaged in an innovative reusable plastic pod in which to store the BugBand Band. It can be sealed between uses to preserve the..
Model: IDXMOX4010596
Camillus HT-7 is a 7" Fixed Blade Knife made with titanium bonded stainless steel and an impressive handcrafted Micarta Handle. This knife includes sleek thumb serrations and a lanyard hole for easy access. With a lifetime warranty, the Camillus HT-7 is up to 3 times harder than steel and allows th..
Model: IDXMOX4010600
Camillus 15" SIN Tomahawk has it all. With a 4" Curved Blade, Spike Edge, and a 550 lb. Paracord (18.5 ft.), this product answers the call for whatever the task at hand. Includes a Ballistic Nylon Sheath along with a lifetime warranty, this incredible tool is up to 3 times harder than steel and al..
Model: IDXMOX4019619
Cold Steel Commercial Series Scalper Blade length: 6.5 in. Overall length: 11.75 in. Blade material: 4116 Handle material: Kray-Ex Includes Secure-Ex Sheath ..
Model: IDXMOX110809
The Golden Eye Elite is an everyday carry blade thats a perfect choice for when you are wearing a suit or slacks. A great knife for church, a wedding, a date, or just any time you want to add that extra level of flash and elegance to your gear without sacrificing performance or reliability. Blade le..
Model: IDXMOX2010593
The Marauder Bowie is rugged, relentless and reliable. It features an extra broad, razor sharp blade, with a continuously curved edge, deep wide blade bevels and formidable clip point. Blade length: 9.00 in Overall length: 14.125 in Blade material: AUS-8A Handle material: Kraton Comes complete with ..
Model: IDXMOX4019624
Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Spear Pt Folder 2in Blade G10 Hndl Blade length: 2 in. Overall length: 4.375 in. Blade material: 4034SS Handle material: G-10 Tuff Ex Coated Blade. Key Chain Ring ..
Model: IDXMOX4016048
The Mini Tac Bowie offers the well-known versatility of a sharp, sturdy clip point, making it ideal for use in the field or for everyday carry. Supplied with a Secure-Ex sheath and steel bead lanyard, its sure to give you many years of service. Blade length: 3.63 in Overall length: 6.88 in Blade mat..
Model: IDXMOX000815
The Special Forces Shovel is modeled after the original Soviet Spetznaz shovel. The Spetznaz soldiers made up the most elite unit in the Soviet Army. The U.S. equivalent would be our Green Berets. The shovel head and socket are forged from medium carbon steel, then heat treated for maximum strengt..
Model: IDXMOX9001765
In its original form the KK or Kolt Knife had a very simple blade cover. However, many fans of the KK knife today were interested in traditionally shaped leather sheath. We are now offering the KK frock knife with well-fitting sheath made of heavy black leather of the best quality. A small zytel edg..
Model: IDXMOX2160071
Herbal Bug-X Anti-Bite and Itch provides mosquito and insect bite relief in a non-toxic topical liquid. This topical liquid is a deet-free way to neutralize mosquito and other insect bites immediately. This completely natural anti-bite and itch made from concentrated spice oils is so safe its edibl..
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